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Companionship & Social Support

At Shiloh Healthcare, our comprehensive care service values companionship and social support equally with all our other basic care needs. Social segregation has a deeply negative influence on many people’s mental and physical welfare. The impact of social isolation can be particularly damaging on those with mental health problems including depression, anxiety or dementia. The progression of dementia is generally more aggressive where individuals do not enjoy the normal levels of social interaction associated with living within a family, socialising at work or enjoying a normally active social life



“Social isolation and loneliness have a detrimental effect on health and well-being. Studies show that being lonely or isolated can have an impact on blood pressure, and is closely linked to depression.”

what we offer

We work with our clients, their loved ones, friends and relevant health care authorities to deliver a holistic service which is impeccably tailored to their own needs.

Reminiscing about the past and discussing current affairs

Accompanying to visit family and friends

Participating in hobbies and crafts

Accompanying on shopping trips

Accompanying to breakfast, lunch or dinner

Accompanying to the cinema or theatre

Enabling Clients to become more involved within their community


We pride ourselves on ensuring that every person who seeks our help has an individually designed, tailor-made, flexible and high-quality care package to meet their own unique needs and requirements. We are here with a 24/7 on-call service to listen to any questions and concerns and we promise to respond immediately.