About Shiloh Training

Our Training Services

The Organisation retains a complete record of all qualifications, credentials and experience gained for each staff member, whether full-time or part-time. These records may be found in the Staff Files retained at the organisations’ offices and are of limited access for reasons of confidentiality and security.

We recognise that for most service users the most important people in our organization are the Support Workers with whom service users will have regular contact. We take great care in recruiting, training and supervising our staff.

Career Development

A culture of professionalism is fostered in the organisation, hence all staff work towards personal and career development. We therefore assist staff to identify their training needs and provide the resources to enable them to meet these. Hence staff are supported to undertake higher education studies. Our staff have a wide range of qualifications and have undergone extensive training. All new employees receive full mandatory training via the company’s induction programme. As summary, Support Workers are required to have, as a minimum, the following qualifications (Mandatory Training) for them to provide care services at client’s homes.

What We Offer


Training programs

Moving and Handling updated every 12 months
Health & Safety updated every 12 months
Fire safety updated every 12 months
Basic Food Hygiene updated every 12 months
Infection Control updated every 12 months
Emergency First Aid updated every 12 months
Administration of Medication updated every 12 months
Basic Infection Control updated every 12 months
Safeguarding updated every 12 months
Equality and Diversity updated every 12 months
Dementia Awareness updated every 12 months
Understanding Learning Disability updated every 12 months
Mental capacity Act 2005 updated every 12 months
Lone worker updated every 12 months
Principles of care at company induction
Service user Needs at company induction
Role of the Care Worker at company induction

Induction training incorporates shadowing an experienced member of staff, interactive induction CD, an induction questionnaire in line with the TOPSS induction standards, the above training and discussion session with a manager.

All members of care staff will be offered NVQ 2 training after 6 months of employment. Our goal is to have at least 75 % of our work force NVQ 2 level trained by the second year of operation.


We pride ourselves on ensuring that every person who seeks our help has an individually designed, tailor-made, flexible and high-quality care package to meet their own unique needs and requirements. We are here with a 24/7 on-call service to listen to any questions and concerns and we promise to respond immediately.